Exclusive Live Footage of Sisters of Suffocation

A month ago, Sisters Of Suffocation even on stage with (the brothers or) Suffocation and now the new full-length a fact: Anthology Of Curiosities. With ten new songs, including the request number Boundaries. Once again worked the four tree-hugging death metal ladies together with producer Martin Furia.

There are some differences with the Brutal Queen. The new material sounds a bit heavier than the songs on the ep. Also, the songs recorded live and that raw live-feeling very good about on the plate. The songs sound honest and let technical progress. Innovative is the clean vocals that occasionally pops up and contributes to the variation.

Also musical, there is a lot of variation. For example, opener Shapeshifter thrashes riffs and is there a lot of melody in the harmonious riffs of The Hunger. This Is Not My Home shows the technical and brutal side of Sisters Of Suffocation and I Swear is compelling and narrative. This Is My Home is associated with I Swear. The common theme is body horrors, and this is because of the different vocals and atmospheric and creepy passages well reflected.

It remains noteworthy how low the grunts by Prince. It’s hard to find women to impersonate her. They exchange grunts with fierce, almost possessed screams (in Limb From Limb they switch very quickly between the two) and as reported earlier there is also room for clean Sung passages, which contribute to the narrative character of some songs.

Not all the tracks are equally memorable, but what makes strong, the plate is the alternation of brute pieces and stages with more depth and feeling, the alternation of brutal death, thrash melodeath, and what progressive elements prima riff work. The Hunger, I Swear, Our Bodies Will Rot, Psychosurgery, and Boundaries will at many favorites, but the other numbers do not amount to much. Sisters Of Suffocation delivers Anthology Of Curiosities with a plate on which you the fun and enthusiasm of the ladies good learn. Well done girls!



1. Shapeshifter
2. I Am Danger
3. Brutal Queen
4. The Hunger This Is Not My Home
5. I Swear
6. Limb From Limb
7. Our Bodies Will Rot
8. Dysplasia
9. Psycho Surgery
10. Boundaries

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