Ozzy Osbourne and The Not So Real Farewell of The Prince of Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal Source finds out: The famous singer is not retiring anytime soon. At 68 years old, he will continue to go on stage after his last show, on February 4, with the Black Sabbath band that made him famous. He is also getting ready to release a solo album

Soon, you will be able to see Black Sabbath back up on stage. The sponsors of the Heavy Metal singer will deliver their guitar in their holsters after their last concert on February 4 at Genting Arena in Birmingham. Owning to the lyrics ‘you never say die,’ the singer will continue to go on stage. Tireless, Ozzy Osbourne has a few plans in sight. Before reading the singer’s plans, why don’t you grab a 100% bonus up to $250 and play casino games for free with this instant no deposit bonus? The legendary singer will resume his presence on the scene, but this time in the United States headlining alongside